The false identification documents, or fake IDs, have been around as long as the original. A proper identity allows you some privileges, including access to alcohol and several other daily needs.

The widespread use of advanced photo editing tools and high-quality printing devices are veritable grounds for creating a fake ID today, ever than before. However, having a fake id or counterfeited document is punishable in a severe manner under the law.

The reason for fake id being widely used in America owes its source to events that started in 1984 with the enactment of the minimum legal drinking age.

The trends…
Usually, the counterfeit ids you find with a student come from the fake id websites. Also, another source is the government-issued ID passed down to a junior with similar-looking to impersonate the real owner. This trend is common among most members of the society, making the fight against fake id and underage alcoholism a challenging battle to win.

The countermeasures…
Efforts by the government to crackdown fake id look to technology to produce hard to imitate identification documents. For instance, New York State introduced a new driver’s license secured with a “ghost image” floating in a transparent window.

Other measures are in place across the states to frustrate the efforts of fakers. However, hardly is a new security feature introduced to government identity card than then faker come up with a clone and exact copy guaranteeing scan-ready of the fake id.

Punishment can be severe…
The fake id laws seem to cover a wide range of activities. It prohibits making or selling counterfeit documents and altering legitimate documents. Also, the law forbids purchasing and using fake ids. Possession of phony id is a crime with variously stipulated punishment.

If you are in possession of fake driver’s license carries up to three years in jail with a fine up to $25,000. A lender who, deliberately, lends a real ID risks up to a year in prison with $2,500 fines.

The penalties…
If you own a fake id, it is a crime that carries various charges according to the interpretation of your arresting officer.

Jail term. Being convicted of a fake ID crime carries jail term for misdemeanor fake ID crime. In many instances, the accused can get away with 90 days in jail; however,Scannable Fake ID, if a felony is established, it could carry up to 10 years incarceration.

Fines. The accused risk various fines according to the case brought against him or her. A first-timer case could result in $500 to $1000 for misdemeanor and up to $100,000 penalties for a felony.

Probation. If lucky, the offender could bag probation for a conviction. This conviction requires complying with given conditions over a specified time.

Don’t get caught
Being caught with a fake ID might seem irrelevant and straightforward, but the uncertainty surrounding it is killing. Even for the first time offender, fake id crime can swing anywhere.