There has been an increase in the number of people attending parties these days. This has been accrued to the fact that so many teenagers are attending clubs in recent times. One major challenge that bouncers are having in recent times is how to differentiate between a real ID and a fake ID. The genuine fake ID vendors have improved to the extent that fake IDs are similar to real IDs in every aspect that can make bouncers to easily detect them.

A lot of articles have surfaced online where bouncers have lamented on the increase in the rate of fake IDs, and the difficulties they are facing in spotting the fake IDs. Although it is believed that scanners can detect a fake ID, but the truth is this; the presence of barcode on the fake IDs produced by fake ID vendors has made it difficult for the scanners to detect them.

What are the difficulties that bouncers are facing in spotting a fake ID?

The first difficulty facing the bouncers is the barcode, as earlier mentioned above. The genuine fake ID vendors have improved their game and some of the fake IDs produced by them are now scannable by the scanners used by bouncers. Once the scanner reads the fake ID, it displays information that makes bouncers think that it is real compared to normal fake ID.

Another major challenge that bouncers are facing in spotting fake ID is the presence of fake ID scanners. connecticut fake id,As there are fake IDs, there are also fake scanners. This type of scanners are just ordinary scanners and it is impossible for scanners of this nature to detect a fake ID because they are fake scanners produced by unreliable companies.

Can a bouncer spot a fake ID?

To the question raised above, the answer is yes. Bouncers can spot a fake ID but just it depends on some certain factors


  • Advance scanners

Technology is improving every day and this is why everything is getting better each fake id websites, The companies that are producing scanners have improved. So, there are scanners that will easily spot a normal fake ID but might have little issue with the scannable fake ID. Recent technological breakthroughs happening around the world have improved the quality of scanners that are produced by scanning machine companies.

  • Experience

There is a phrase that says “experience is the best teacher.” This statement is true when it comes to bouncers and fake IDs. Despite the fact that some companies have been producing quality scanners, it is still a bit difficult to spot a scannable fake ID.

However, an experienced bouncer understands the differences that exist among different state IDs. Hence, he can easily spot a fake ID if the security features are not well arranged on the ID and do not match that of the state written on the fake ID.

In conclusion, not all bouncers can spot a fake ID because the best fake IDs are emerging in recent times. If you check some fake ID websites, you will discover that fake ID vendors are proud to say that their fake IDs are scannable because they understand the extent to which such fake ID can be useful.